White Christmas Trees

White Christmas Trees: Your Holiday Guide

Discover how to decorate White Christmas Trees for a stunning holiday display and elevate your home's aesthetics!

White Christmas Trees: Your Holiday Guide




Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, you can create your own winter-white vibe indoors with a festive twist on the Christmas tree. Whether you live in the sunny south or snow isn’t in the forecast, you can still enjoy the beauty of white Christmas with magical and trendy white Christmas trees.

White Christmas tree combines old-world charm and can be a centerpiece of a magical holiday display in any style. These artificial Christmas trees are stunning on their own and provide endless decorating possibilities to customize them according to your taste-from whimsical and modern themes to vintage-inspired glamor.

If you’re looking for gorgeous ways to decorate your white Christmas tree or choose the perfect tree, you’ve come to the right place. This blog can turn your white Christmas dream into reality. 

From choosing the best white Christmas tree to decorating it for a stunning holiday display and storing it for years to come, we have covered everything. Read on to figure out how you can transform your home into an enchanting winter wonderland with white Christmas trees this festive season!

Choose the High-Quality White Christmas Tree

Good quality Christmas trees provide solid support for decorations and can stand repeated use multiple seasons while maintaining their gorgeous look. If you want to create a magical white Christmas tree, choose a flocked tree. It looks like a real tree and won’t go out of date after a few years.

A flocked tree is already white, so it makes your white tree goal easier to achieve. A flocked tree resembles a snow-covered tree and requires less ornaments and decorating.

In addition, you may choose a traditional tree as it allows you to layer and decorate it according to your taste. Pre-lit Christmas trees are popular since it saves time in untangling all the lights. These trees are artificial Christmas trees with lights, but choosing an unlit tree has the advantage of selecting whatever style of lights you want. In terms of size, white Christmas trees 7 ft size are highly trendy. However, you should choose the one that fits in your space without making it feel too cramped.

Once you have chosen the white Christmas tree, the question is, how can you create a beautiful look on it to make your snowy Christmas dream a reality? Scroll a little and find out the answer!

How to Decorate White Christmas Trees

Achieving a stunning look depends on how you decorate your tree. If you are short on ideas for making an eye-catching, beautifully decorated tree, no need to worry. We’ve put together some fantastic suggestions for you to try out this Christmas and make your tree the star of the show. There are various creative ways to make your white tree an elegant talking piece.

Below are the tips to add more sparkle and color to your decorations this year and create a tree that looks great for any home style.

Decide the Theme

First, decide on the theme before choosing your decorations to set the mood and get a clear idea of how to decorate your tree. If you need inspiration, look at some of these trendy themes for this festive season to create a traditional Christmas look.

Red and White Themed White Christmas Tree

Red and White Christmas Trees

Red is the most synonymous color with Christmas, and it looks as beautiful on a white tree as it does on a traditional green one. Give your faux tree a more organic shape and add fullness by tucking in colored white branches and red berry picks.

To create this look, use white baubles throughout the tree and keep the ornaments simple. A red and white Christmas tree will look elegant in your living room and be a big hit with your kids.

Woodland Accented White Christmas tree

Woodland-Themed Christmas Trees

Decorate your Christmas tree with woodland-themed ornaments for a rustic charm. These trees are decorated with wooden accessories, pine cones, sphere baubles, whimsical mushrooms, and copper-colored glass ornaments that pop against a white Christmas tree, enhancing your home aesthetics. A rustic woodsy theme is a neutral lover’s dream because it creates a woodsy escape we all want in winter.

All White - White Christmas Tree

Go with White on White

Another major trend that will make a statement this season is decorating a white tree with white ornaments. The idea of putting white ornaments on white faux trees may sound simple, but this is the most adorable achromatic pairing.

Use white lights to brighten things, white decorations for texture, and you may add silver decorations to bring the shine. You will be in awe of how much of an impact a white-on-white tree brings in your home.

Christmas Tree Decorated White

Let it Snow

If you already have your favorite green tree from the last season in the box, don’t feel it is necessary to replace it to create a white one. You can still transform into a brand new beautiful white tree by using faux snow.

Use white ornaments on top of faux snow and white glittery tinsel to make your tree sign. This theme offers the true winter wonderland feel. Besides, consider adding snowflakes, icicles, and glass or plastic bells for a more luxurious traditional take this season.

You can choose any theme; there’s not something outdated in it. It’s a festive season, so decorate your tree in whatever style you like.

White Christmas Tree with Warm Lights

Add White or Warm White Lights

We recommend buying a white Christmas tree pre-lit because it saves your time and energy. But if you choose a plain tree, the first and foremost step in decorating your Christmas tree is to add lights. It’s difficult to add lights after adding decorations. As per lighting experts, you will need 100 bulbs or 5 meters of lights for 2 ft of tree. So, you’ll need 300 bulbs or 15 meters of lights for a 6 ft tree.

Make sure they are working before putting them on the tree. Wrap the lights around your tree’s bottom and then work your way up. You may add white or warm lights for a cozy, seasonal ambiance. It’s important to make sure all lights are evenly spread out.

Use Tree Picks

Use tree picks or floral sprays as subtle accents to enhance the overall look of your tree. They come in different colors, designs, and forms, such as twigs, berries, decorated branches, or pine cones.

Tree picks are perfect for adding lively pops of color to your Christmas tree as well as other decorations. Group the picks together using a floral wire and choose the ones with bendable stems to elevate the appeal of the tree.

White Christmas Tree with Silver and Gold Ornaments

Add Ornaments and Metallic Accents

Use a variety of white ornaments with unique shapes, textures, and various finishes. Decorate your tree with silver and gold to create a balanced and visually pleasing tree. Metallic accents on white trees add elegance and neutralize the tree’s color.

Additionally, gold and silver ornaments add a cool and sparkling effect during the day. When a tree is lit at night, these ornaments cast a warm glow on the faux tree. Another decoration tip is to use textured ornaments for a magical all-white Christmas tree and to break monochromaticity.

White Christmas Tree Decorated with Ribbons

Layer a Tree with Decorative Ribbons

Next, layer your tree with decorative ribbons, which will enhance your Christmas tree’s aesthetic. Use a ribbon of contrasting textures on your white tree to create more impact. You may use wired ribbons or non-wired ribbons. However, wired ribbons are easier to sculpt into bows or loops. Contrasting ribbons or bows on your all-white tree will make it look like a designer tree.

White Christmas Tree Topper

Choose the Statement Tree Topper

The stunning way to finish the decor and complete the designer look of your tree is by putting a statement tree topper. Make sure to choose the right topper that fits your tree theme and the height of your tree. Angels and star tree toppers are the most popular, but many other designs are available that go well with various themes and ornament styles.

Style your white Christmas tree to perfection with these expert tips! Once the holiday ends, you surely want to keep your beloved faux tree for the next festive season. Read the next section to see how you can do so.

How to Store Your White Christmas Tree after the Holidays

White Christmas trees not only add a touch of old-world charm and a unique element to your holiday display but come with a fair share of benefits, such as you can reuse them each year. However, you need to take care of your faux tree with meticulous attention to enjoy it for many seasons. Unlike evergreens, they don’t need watering and don’t shed needles. If stored properly, artificial Christmas trees can last years without damage. But how do you store them properly?

Here are the smart storage tips to keep your tree in tip-top shape:

  • Take off all ornaments, lights, and other decorations. Stash the lights and ornaments in their organizing containers for safe storage and reassembly next year.
  • Clean the branches with a microfiber cloth or using a vacuum cleaner. Artificial trees collect dust during display, so it’s essential to wipe down the dust to prevent discoloration of the tree and to unpack a clean tree next season.
  • For white Christmas trees with lights, use a soft-bristled brush, a damp cloth, or a gentle vacuum.
  • Make sure to clean all parts and allow them to fully dry.
  • Unlike small trees, full-sized Christmas trees are made up of several parts. So it would be best to take apart each branch before packing it.
  • Get a good quality and water-resistant tree bag for your Christmas tree. There’s no need to save your tree’s original box because the tree won’t compress back down to its original packaged size; rather, it will cause damage.
  • After bagging your tree, store it in a cool, dry place and away from heat. Heat can lead to discoloration or even melting of artificial Christmas trees.
  • Last but not least, the experts at Balsam Hill suggest that it is best to store your faux tree with a jar of coffee grounds or baking soda to avoid the tree developing a musty smell.

Follow these tips, store your tree properly, and you’re good to go until the next festive season!

Wrapping Up

White Christmas trees are a major trend this festive season that adds a touch of timeless nostalgia and old-world charm to your holiday. You can decorate it with ornaments, baubles, garlands, ribbons, and lights in a festive and stylish way to make it a gorgeous centerpiece of your home. Since it’s Christmas, above all else, decorate your Christmas tree in whatever way makes you happy and have fun!

Khadija Ayoub