December Drawing Prompts

Drawing Prompts: 31 Drawing Prompts for December

31 Drawing prompts for the month of December! Warm up your artist's-hands by trying our December-themed drawing prompts.

Drawing Prompts: 31 Drawing Prompts for December

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Drawing is a flexible and fun artistic activity that lets you show your ideas, feelings, and imagination visually. It’s a talent that can be developed by anyone, and one of the best ways to boost your drawing skills is by practicing regularly. 

Drawing every day brings numerous advantages that can add excitement to your artistic exploration. As we explore these perks, get ready to dive into a series of 31 winter-themed drawing prompts perfect for daily practice throughout the month of December. 

Advantages of Drawing Every Day 

Similar to any hobby, drawing gets better with consistent practice. Daily drawing prompts open the door to exploring various techniques, styles, and subjects. This ongoing practice refines your abilities and boosts your confidence in your artistic talents. 

Additionally, engaging in daily drawing allows you to carefully monitor your progress over time. Watching your skills evolve can be incredibly motivating and satisfying. 

Now that we’ve explored the perks of daily drawing, let’s jump into some useful tools for enhancing your artistic endeavors. 

Drawing Tools for Your Creative Path 

Whether you enjoy the feel of traditional paper and pencil or are delving into the digital side, the materials you select can significantly impact your artistic journey. 

Drawing Digitally

I’m currently using an Apple iPad Air 5th generation with an Apple Pencil, and the free Sketchbook App from the Apple Store is my go-to for sketching. 

I’ve tried Wacom Tablets before, but drawing on iPads is much better for me. No matter which digital tool you choose, drawing digitally has a bunch of advantages over traditional methods. 

Benefits of Digital Drawing: 

  • Easily undo and redo actions 
  • Tool versatility for various effects 
  • Layering capabilities for depth 
  • Zoom in for detailed work 
  • Portable digital setup 
  • Cost-effective in the long run 
  • Simple sharing and distribution 
  • Environmentally friendly approach 
  • Customize your workspace 
  • Seamless integration with other software 

Fundamentally, traditional art holds a timeless charm, while digital drawing platforms offer a dynamic mix of versatility, efficiency, and unlimited potential that captures the interest of the new generation of artists. Personally, I lean towards digital drawing over traditional methods, though it’s worth acknowledging the tactile advantages of using simple paper and pencil. 

Below, I’ve listed the art materials I depended on for many years before transitioning to digital. 

Drawing Traditionally

After delving into both traditional and digital art, I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with a diverse range of tools. While I haven’t tried every brand and type out there, I can certainly share a few favorites based on my artistic experiences. 

Pens & Pencils
Faber Castell has consistently impressed me with its quality and wide availability in art supply stores. 

When it comes to paper, my top pick is Strathmore Bristol drawing paper. It comes in various sizes and weights, making it versatile enough to meet different project requirements. 

Extra Equipment
Although not necessary, items such as rulers, corner instruments, and compasses can prove invaluable. If you lean towards simplicity, everyday objects like book edges or plastic cards can be used as makeshift straight edges. 

31 Drawing Prompts for December: Winter and Holiday Themes 

Drawing every day is an excellent way to enhance your artistic skills, although it may sometimes feel monotonous. By breaking down this daily routine into monthly themes, the task becomes more enjoyable and meaningful. 

As you engage in your daily drawings using these prompts, consider capturing a snapshot of your artwork and sharing it on social media. Not only might this inspire other artists to join in, but it can also be gratifying to witness your progress throughout the month. 

I challenge you to create art consistently, regardless of your feelings towards it, while also separating your identity from the work you produce. Remember, you are not defined by your art—your artwork is merely a reflection of the skills you are diligently improving every day, a commendable endeavor. 

And with that, let’s dive into the 31 daily winter-themed prompts designed for December! These prompts aim to spark creativity in your daily drawing routine while embracing the holiday spirit and December activities. 

Drawing Prompt #1 – Savoring the Goodness of Freshly Baked Apple Pie (Day 1) 

Delight in the goodness of a delicious, just-out-of-the-oven pie. Sketch an apple pie or any pie you’re anticipating relishing this holiday season. 

Drawing Prompt #2 – Morning Delights, Fritters, and Playful Pets (Day 2)

Picture a refreshing morning; after waking up, savor a fritter and a warm cup of coffee with your affectionate pet by your side. Illustrate your imagination, whether it’s coffee, a fritter, or a puppy or cat playing with their favorite toy. 

Drawing Prompt #3 – Beneath the Mistletoe (Day 3)

In the festive spirit of December, with its array of traditions, why not sketch mistletoe? Capture a moment, whether it’s a sweet scene of a loving couple sharing a gentle kiss beneath the mistletoe or a playful portrayal of two people humorously trying to evade it. Let your imagination guide your drawing. 

Drawing Prompt #4 – Naughty or Nice (Day 4)

Consider the idea that offering Santa cookies might be a clever way to influence his judgment, particularly if you’re on the naughty list. Illustrate your perspective as Santa checks his list while enjoying some cookies. Are you leaning towards mischief, or have you been more on the nice side? 

Drawing Prompt #5 – Do You Love Peppermint? (Day 5)

December evokes a sense of peppermint with people relishing peppermint candy, candy canes, and hot drinks. Do you have a preferred peppermint treat? Perhaps you’re not a fan of peppermint? Sketch whatever comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #6 – Saint Nick Celebration (Day 6)

On Saint Nicholas Day, whether you envision Saint Nicholas as Santa or a historical saint who bestowed gifts upon children, draw your interpretation. 

Drawing Prompt #7 – Hanukkah Celebration (Day 7)

On the onset of Hanukkah, draw someone lighting the menorah with their family or depict a family member affectionately giving a gift to a child. 

Drawing Prompt #8 – Sweet Chocolate Gifts (Day 8)

In the midst of the December holiday season, where friends and family exchange gifts, draw someone enjoying brownies they’ve received as a present. Imagine them adorned with candy ribbons or resembling little chocolate gifts with candy bows. What thoughts come to mind? Draw your interpretation. 

Drawing Prompt #9 – Winter Pastry Favorites (Day 9)

Winter, especially in December, brings a multitude of delightful seasonal treats to savor with friends, family, or even during solo moments on a chilly day. Do you have a preferred pastry for breakfast or a snack in December? Illustrate your favorite seasonal pastry. 

Drawing Prompt #10 – Christmas Tree Splendor (Day 10)

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how beautiful are your branches! Christmas tree adoration is shared by celebrants worldwide. Illustrate your own Christmas tree or one that holds a special place in your heart. Is it towering? Is it adorned with bright lights? Draw whatever comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #11 – Majestic Reindeer (Day 11)

December is the time for Christmas and Christmas most certainly means Santa for many people, but Santa wouldn’t be Santa without the help of his cute reindeer. Draw Santa’s reindeer or maybe some wild reindeer out in the forest. Are they wearing bells or just enjoying the great outdoors as they frolic and play in the snow. Draw what comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #12 – Gingerbread Celebrations (Day 12)

Embrace the festive spirit of Christmas, where traditions often revolve around delicious treats. Draw a child joyfully building a gingerbread house with the assistance of their family. 

Drawing Prompt #13 – Cozy Hot Cocoa (Day 13)

Hot cocoa brings comfort on a chilly day. Why not relish a warm cup of cocoa while capturing its coziness in your drawing? 

Drawing Prompt #14 – Hearthside Companions (Day 14) 

Sketch your beloved pet resting by a cozy fireplace. Whether it’s your fluffy cat or affectionate puppy, draw them relishing the warmth and the gentle glow. 

Drawing Prompt #15 – Cozy and Unique (Day 15)

December is brimming with delightful activities, and for some, that includes dressing up in distinctive, “ugly” sweaters. Illustrate your own charming sweater creation or design an ugly sweater you’d love to wear. 

Drawing Prompt #16 – Tempting Chocolate Delights (Day 16)

Illustrate your favorite chocolate-covered treat—be it a tempting chocolate-covered strawberry or a delicious chocolate-covered macadamia nut. Draw whatever comes to your mind. 

Drawing Prompt #17 – Holiday Morning Delight (Day 17)

Embrace the Christmas ambiance with festive trees and the sweet touch of maple syrup on your beloved morning meal. Envision waking up to a hot cup of coffee or fruit juice and illustrate a scene featuring pancakes adorned with maple syrup

Drawing Prompt #18 – Charming Wreath (Day 18)

Illustrate a Christmas tree wreath adorning a house’s front door. Is it adorned with sparkling lights, or is it a homemade creation crafted from Christmas tree trimmings? Allow your imagination to roam and draw what you envision. 

Drawing Prompt #19 – Festive Hard Candy (Day 19)

Sketch your preferred Christmas hard candy—whether it’s peppermint, a molasses treat, or caramel. Draw whatever comes to your mind. 

Drawing Prompt #20 – Harmonious Celebrations (Day 20)

Imagine a gathering of friends and family joyfully singing Christmas carols together. Whether it’s a close-knit group of friends or a lively family with quirky members making the time together enjoyable, draw your interpretation. 

Drawing Prompt #21 – Memorable Holiday Story (Day 21)

The Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without a rendition of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Illustrate the old Scrooge or draw someone you envision as a humbug or a grouchy person who doesn’t embrace the December holidays. 

Drawing Prompt #22 – Cherished Moments (Day 22)

Reflect on past holiday seasons spent with family or friends. Draw a favorite memory you shared with a loved one, whether they were family or a dear friend. 

Drawing Prompt #23 – Cookie Delight (Day 23)

Is there a particular cookie you savor during the December holiday season? Illustrate your favorite cookie or draw a scene of yourself and another person enjoying them together. 

Drawing Prompt #24 – Christmas Eve Cheers (Day 24)

On Christmas Eve, many people indulge in festive eggnog. Do you have a favorite eggnog, perhaps homemade or from a specific brand? Or do you find yourself not fond of eggnog? Illustrate what comes to mind when you think of this holiday beverage. 

Drawing Prompt #25 – Christmas Day Festivities (Day 25)

Capture the essence of Christmas Day by drawing a family unwrapping gifts together around a Christmas tree. Picture the scene— are they in their pajamas, or have they dressed formally for a visit to relatives? 

Drawing Prompt #26 – Candy Cane Delight (Day 26)

Candy canes are widespread in December, decorating houses, brightening shopping malls, and hanging on Christmas trees. Illustrate a candy cane, whether it’s used as decoration or enjoyed as a sweet treat. 

Drawing Prompt #27 – Season of Giving (Day 27)

In the spirit of the season and considering those less fortunate, many people engage in activities to give back to their communities or donate to charities. Draw a scene of a group of people helping others in their local community.

Drawing Prompt #28 – Decadent Chocolate (Day 28)

With an array of chocolate candies to choose from, do you have a favorite? Illustrate your preferred chocolate candy, and maybe someone enjoying the sweet treat. 

Drawing Prompt #29 – Comfort in a Bowl (Day 29)

A warm cup of soup is perfect for soothing the body on a chilly winter day. Illustrate your favorite soup—whether you’re preparing it or savoring its comforting warmth. Sketch what’s on your mind. 

Drawing Prompt #30 – New Year’s Reflection (Day 30)

As the old year nears its end, have you set a New Year’s resolution? Whether you have or haven’t, reflect on what you appreciated in the past year, things that brought you joy, and consider aspects you’d like to change or improve in your life. Have fun with your thoughts and draw whatever comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #31 – New Year’s Eve Celebration (Day 30)

It’s New Year’s Eve. Capture the joy as friends and family welcome the New Year. Picture people donning New Year’s hats, perhaps dressed in their finest attire. Draw the excitement of ringing in the new year with your imagination. 

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude this December filled with daily drawing, take a moment to appreciate the exciting moments your artistic journey has encountered. Through consistent practice, you’ve not only refined your drawing skills but also tapped into your creativity. Your progress is evident, and each prompt has served as a canvas for self-expression. 

Remember, drawing is an activity that brings joy year-round, extending well beyond December. Let these prompts be a continued wellspring of inspiration for your artistic endeavors in the future. So, persist in nurturing your artistic side and letting your imagination radiate on your canvas. Drawing is about enjoying yourself and expressing your creativity, so keep the creative spirit alive! 

Happy drawing!