Drawing Prompts November

30 Drawing Prompts for the Month of November

Embrace Your Creativity with 30 Heartwarming Thanksgiving Drawing Prompts for the month of November.

30 Drawing Prompts for the Month of November




Drawing is a way to express ourselves visually, using art to show our thoughts and feelings. It’s a skill that can be learned by anyone, and practice is the key to getting better.  

Drawing every day comes with many advantages that can make your artistic journey more fulfilling. As we explore these benefits, we’re also getting set to begin a creative journey with 30 Thanksgiving-themed drawing ideas. They’re here to spark your inspiration every day throughout November. 

Much like any craft, drawing skill improves with consistency and practice. Daily drawing prompts encourage you to experiment with various techniques, styles, and subjects. This continuous activity sharpens your skills and boosts your self-confidence in your artistic abilities. 

Through daily drawing, you can track your growth over time, which can be incredibly motivating and fulfilling. Now, as we delve deeper into your artistic journey, let’s shift our focus to another crucial aspect: the essential tools that will aid you in your daily drawing endeavors. 

Essential Tools for Your Drawing Journey 

Whether you prefer the tactile experience of paper and pencil or you’re venturing into the digital realm, your choice of materials can significantly impact your creative path. 

For the Traditionalists – Embracing Paper, Pencil, and Pen 

Having explored both traditional and digital art, I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with a wide array of tools. Although I haven’t explored every brand and type available, I can certainly recommend a few favorites from my artistic experiences. For those who appreciate the classic approach of paper and pencil: 

  • Pens & Pencils: Faber Castell consistently impresses with its quality and wide availability in art supply stores. 
  • Paper: When it comes to paper, Strathmore Bristol drawing paper is my top pick. It offers various sizes and weights to suit different project requirements. 

Additional Tools: While not essential, tools like rulers, corner instruments, and compasses can be invaluable. If you prefer simplicity, everyday items like book edges or plastic cards can serve as makeshift straight edges. 

For the Digital Enthusiasts 

Currently, I utilize an Apple iPad Air 5th generation paired with an Apple Pencil. For sketching, I’ve found the free version of the Sketchbook App on the Apple Store to be quite proficient. 

30 Thanksgiving & Harvest Festival-Themed Drawing Prompts 

Drawing Prompt #1 – The Splendor of Fall (Day 1)

Visualize the stunning autumn scenery with leaves changing colors and a refreshing breeze in the air. Draw a picture capturing the falling leaves from a tree and consider using color to depict the changing hues of the trees. 

Drawing Prompt #2 – Natural Beauty (Day 2)

Picture a peaceful day in the midst of nature’s wonders, appreciating the season’s charms. Draw what you see, from the wildlife to the changing leaves. Capture the beauty and tranquility of the great outdoors

Drawing Prompt #3 – Fall’s Friendly Animals (Day 3)

Consider the animals that bring the warm, cozy feeling of fall and Thanksgiving to mind. Is it the striking Cardinal with its beautiful red feathers, or perhaps it’s your loyal Labrador enthusiastically chasing after a squirrel in your yard? Draw what you envision, capturing the essence of these creatures that add a special touch to your autumn and Thanksgiving season. 

Drawing Prompt #4 – Outdoor Moments (Day 4)

With the colder weather and the harvest season in full swing, there’s nothing like sitting outside after a long day, sipping on a warm drink, and enjoying the beauty of the season with a friend or loved one. Draw a scene where you’re relishing the great outdoors with your favorite warm beverage and someone special. 

Drawing Prompt #5 – Leaf Pile Fun (Day 5)

Visualize all the leaves falling from the trees, and you’ve made a big pile to play in. Draw yourself, your friends, or your family enjoying some playtime amidst the falling leaves. 

Drawing Prompt #6 – Thanksgiving Adventures (Day 6)

Recall a memorable Thanksgiving road trip or journey to visit family or friends. Was it a stressful and chaotic journey, or a peaceful and wonderful adventure? Draw some of your favorite memories from that trip. 

Drawing Prompt #7 – Harvest Helpers (Day 7)

Think about the way farmers often assist each other during the harvest season. In many places worldwide, neighbors and friends come together to collect the food they’ve grown. Draw a scene where people happily help each other load up their harvested food into carts. This is a moment of togetherness and celebration that you can capture in your drawing. 

Drawing Prompt #8 – Thanksgiving Community (Day 8)

Think about the importance of helping your community during the Thanksgiving season. What do you feel about giving to others? Draw an image that illustrates your thoughts on supporting and showing care for your community. Your drawing can reflect your ideas about being there for others and the sense of unity in your community. 

Drawing Prompt #9 – Giving Back (Day 9)

Consider your experiences with volunteering at local charities or community events. Have you ever lent a hand to a local elderly couple by raking the leaves in their yard? Draw an activity you’ve been a part of that contributed to your community’s well-being.  

Drawing Prompt #10 – Parade Delights (Day 10)

Visualize a Thanksgiving parade, a colorful and lively event. Choose your favorite part of a parade, whether it’s a fantastic float, an enchanting balloon, or an energetic marching band. Draw that special element that you enjoy or eagerly look forward to seeing each year. Your drawing can capture the joy and excitement of this festive tradition. 

Drawing Prompt #11 – Thanksgiving Decor (Day 11)

Visualize your ideal Thanksgiving decor, whether it’s for the dinner table or the whole house. Envision a beautifully set table adorned with festive Thanksgiving gourds and decorations. Now, draw what you’ve imagined. 

Drawing Prompt #12 – Cornucopia (Day 12)

In some countries, the cornucopia is a significant symbol of Thanksgiving, representing abundance. Create your own drawing of a cornucopia container brimming with an overflowing bounty of fruits and produce. 

Drawing Prompt #13 – Cozy Get-Together (Day 13)

Illustrate a heartwarming scene where friends and family come together around a fire. Whether it’s a fireplace or an outdoor bonfire, imagine the atmosphere. Draw people wrapped in blankets, holding hot drinks, or perhaps everyone is indoors, enjoying the warmth of a fireplace and cozy naps. Let your drawing convey the sense of comfort and togetherness in this special gathering. 

Drawing Prompt #14 – Thanksgiving Reunions (Day 14) 

Think about how Thanksgiving often brings both friends and family together. Do you all revel in music, sports, or maybe savor the crisp outdoors on a porch with a warm cup of hot cocoa or apple cider? Capture the essence of these moments in your drawing – the shared warmth, laughter, and connections as loved ones and friends come together to celebrate. 

Drawing Prompt #15 – Thanksgiving Laughs (Day 15)

Think back to a Thanksgiving where you had the most fun and enjoyed the laughter the most. What was it that made you laugh so hard or have such a great time? Was it your aunt’s silly expressions, your grandpa dozing off at the table, or maybe an accidental food spill that your pet dogs or cats happily cleaned up? Draw whatever memory comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #16 – Cherished Thanksgiving Memories (Day 16)

Reflect on some of your earliest Thanksgiving memories with your family or friends. Are there any that stand out as particularly precious and dear to your heart? Draw something that reflects these treasured memories. 

Drawing Prompt #17 – Thanksgiving Traditions (Day 17)

Consider the activities you and your family enjoy on Thanksgiving. Do you have a favorite sport you like to watch together, or do you prefer playing a game of American or European football to work off those post-dinner calories? Draw some of these cherished activities you engage in with friends and family. 

Drawing Prompt #18 – Cultural Cooking (Day 18)

Think about the traditional cultural food that’s commonly cooked in your area during the holiday season. Is it a succulent turkey, a flavorful ham, a classic apple pie, or perhaps a rich pumpkin pie? Draw a representation of your country’s favorite festive food. Your drawing can celebrate the flavors and customs that make your region’s holiday meals special. 

Drawing Prompt #19 – Beloved Thanksgiving Recipes (Day 19)

Think about your family’s Thanksgiving recipes that have become uniquely loved or maybe even infamous over the years. Is it your uncle’s notoriously bad homemade cranberry pie or your grandmother’s famously amazing mashed potatoes? Draw something that reflects these food dishes that hold a special place in your Thanksgiving traditions.

Drawing Prompt #20 – Pumpkin Delight (Day 20)

Many people adore the taste of pumpkin and the spices that come with it. Do you have a favorite pumpkin-themed food or drink for the season? Draw a picture of that special treat that you enjoy. 

Drawing Prompt #21 – Baking Bliss (Day 21)

Picture the process of making your favorite Thanksgiving dessert from scratch. Imagine the ingredients, the delightful aroma as it bakes, and the sheer joy of savoring that first delicious bite. Draw your inspiration from this sweet journey, and capture the essence of creating something special from start to finish. 

Drawing Prompt #22 – The Turkey (Day 22)

Draw a turkey and imagine its story. Is it a wild, free bird, or is it a carefully and lovingly cooked dish on the kitchen table, ready to be enjoyed? Let your drawing express what comes to your mind when you think about this iconic Thanksgiving symbol. 

Drawing Prompt #23 – Global Thanksgiving (Day 23)

Thanksgiving or Harvest Festivals are celebrated in at least 11 different countries around the world. Take a moment to think about the traditions in your own country and how Thanksgiving is normally celebrated. Then, draw some of the things that best reflect your country’s unique Thanksgiving or Harvest Festival customs. 

Drawing Prompt #24 – A Feast (Day 24)

Think about a table covered with the vibrant colors and delicious textures of a Thanksgiving meal. Imagine a succulent turkey, golden cornbread, creamy mashed potatoes, and all the mouthwatering dishes that make Thanksgiving a joyful time. Draw a picture to capture the warmth and happiness of your Thanksgiving feast. 

Drawing Prompt #25 – Holiday Outfits (Day 25)

Think about how many people look forward to decorating for each holiday season. Do you and your family wear special outfits? Maybe you even dress up your pets in seasonal gear. Draw what you and your family do during these times of the year, or create fun drawings of outfits that would be perfect for the festive occasion. 

Drawing Prompt #26 – Expressing Gratitude (Day 26)

Thanksgiving is a time when we reflect on our blessings and express our thanks for them. Is there something or someone special that you’re grateful for? Whether it’s your family, friends, adorable pets, or even your favorite stuffed animal, why not draw the things you hold dear and are thankful for? 

Drawing Prompt #27 – Thanksgiving Reflections (Day 27)

Take a moment to ponder the history of Thanksgiving and what it means to you. Explore its significance in your own words and draw something that reflects your views on how Thanksgiving has evolved over time. Your drawing can capture the essence of this holiday’s historical journey and what it signifies to you personally. 

Drawing Prompt #28 – Reflections on the Year (Day 28)

Reflect on the past year and think about all the changes that have taken place in your life and the world. What are the things you are most grateful or thankful for during this time? Draw something that reflects your memories of these significant events. Your drawing can capture the moments that have left a mark on you and that you hold close to your heart. 

Drawing Prompt #29 – Your Favorite Thanksgiving Day Moment (Day 29)

By this time, many around the world have already gathered with their families and friends to celebrate one another and all that they are thankful for this year. Think back to your most recent celebration this year and pick a moment that you enjoyed the most. Was it watching your uncle go for his third helping? Or watching your cousins play in the yard, potentially overly protected from the cold by their parents? Usually the moment that first comes to your mind, is the one that is special to you in some way. Try capturing that moment in a drawing and perhaps adding a caption on the back (if using traditional paper) or on another layer (if using a digital tablet) that explains why you picked that particular moment.

Drawing Prompt #30 – Thanksgiving Compilation (Day 30)

Create a drawing that brings together some or all of your favorite Thanksgiving prompt topics. If you have additional ideas or concepts that you’ve enjoyed throughout this creative exercise, feel free to incorporate them into your artwork. 

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this month of daily drawing, it’s worth noting that your artistic journey has taken you to some exciting places. Through daily practice, you’ve not only improved your drawing skills but also tapped into your creative side. Your progress is visible, and each prompt has been a chance to express yourself. 

Remember, drawing is something you can enjoy anytime, not just in November. These prompts can keep inspiring you in the future. So, don’t stop nurturing your artistic side and letting your imagination shine on your canvas. Drawing is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so keep it up!

Happy drawing!