Drawing Prompts October

Drawing Prompts: 31 Halloween-Inspired Daily Prompts for October

Unlock your creativity with 31 Halloween-inspired Drawing Prompts for every day of the month of October.

Unlock Your Creativity with 31 Halloween-Inspired Drawing Prompts



Drawing is a versatile art form that allows individuals to visually express their thoughts, emotions, and creativity. It’s a skill that can be honed by anyone, and one of the most effective ways to enhance your drawing prowess is through consistent practice.

Daily drawing comes with a host of benefits that can enrich your artistic journey. As we delve into these advantages, we’ll also prepare to embark on a journey through 31 Halloween-inspired drawing prompts, tailor-made for daily practice throughout the month of October. 

Benefits of Daily Drawing

Skill Growth: Like any craft, drawing improves with repetition. Daily drawing prompts encourage experimentation with diverse techniques, styles, and subjects. This continuous practice sharpens your skills and bolsters your self-assurance in your artistic capabilities. 

Measurable Progress: Through daily drawing, you can meticulously track your advancement over time. Witnessing the evolution of your skills can be highly motivating and gratifying.

Now, armed with these insights into the benefits of daily drawing, let’s dive into helpful tools for drawing.

Helpful Tools For Drawing 

Whether you prefer the tactile sensation of paper and pencil or are venturing into the digital domain, your choice of materials can significantly impact your creative journey. 

For the Digital Enthusiasts 

Currently, I utilize an Apple iPad Air 5th generation paired with an Apple Pencil. For sketching, I’ve discovered the free version of the Sketchbook App on the Apple Store to be quite proficient. 

I have also used the Wacom Tablets in the past, but I’ve found drawing on iPads to be a much better experience.

Whichever electronic tool you choose to use, drawing digitally has many advantages over traditional mediums.

Advantages of Digital Drawing

  1. Undo and Redo
  2. Versatility of Tools
  3. Layering
  4. Zoom and Detail
  5. Portability
  6. Cost-Effective in the Long Run
  7. Easy Sharing and Distribution
  8. Environmentally Friendly
  9. Customizable Workspace
  10. Integration with Other Software

In essence, while traditional artistry has its irreplaceable charm, digital drawing platforms offer a blend of versatility, efficiency, and limitless potential that’s resonating with the new generation of artists.

I’ve found drawing digitally much more preferable to traditional mediums, however there is something to be said of the tactile benefits of using plain old-fashioned paper and pencil.

So below, I’ve included the art supplies I’d relied on for decades before I switched to digital.

For the Traditionalists – Embracing Paper, Pencil, and Pen 

Having explored both traditional and digital art realms, I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with a wide array of tools. While I haven’t explored every brand and type available, I can certainly recommend a few favorites from my artistic experiences.

Pens & Pencils: Faber Castell consistently impresses with its quality and wide availability in art supply stores. 

Paper: When it comes to paper, Strathmore Bristol drawing paper is my top pick. It offers various sizes and weights to accommodate different project requirements. 

Additional Tools: While not essential, tools like rulers, corner instruments, and compasses can be invaluable. If you prefer simplicity, everyday items like book edges or plastic cards can serve as makeshift straight edges. 

Now that we’ve explored different drawing tools, let’s finally get into the 31 daily Halloween-themed prompts for October.

These prompts are here to inspire your daily drawing practice while celebrating the Halloween season. 

31 Halloween-Inspired Drawing Prompts 

Drawing daily is a great way to become a better artist but can sometimes feel tedious.

By breaking down your daily ritual into months, and themes for those months, this task is infused with much more fun and can be more meaningful.

As you complete your daily drawings using these prompts, consider taking a snap shot of your artwork and sharing it on social media.

Not only might doing so inspire other artist to do the same, it could be quite rewarding to see how you improve over the course of the month.

My challenge to you is to post your art regardless of how you feel about it (whether you like it or not) while also separating your identity from the work you produce. Remember, you’re not your art – your art is simply the manifestation of your skills that you are working to approve daily – a very commendable endeavor.

Day 1: Pumpkin Jack-o’-Lantern 

Envision an inviting orange pumpkin emitting a warm, ambient glow, adding a touch of coziness and nostalgia to the Halloween atmosphere. 

Day 2: Haunted House 

Picture a moonlit house, shrouded in mystery, with broken windows and creaky steps. In the breeze, it takes on an almost living presence, with rustling leaves and an eerie sensation as if it’s watching you. 

Day 3: Witch’s Cauldron 

Visualize a witch’s cauldron, simmering with enchanted concoctions beneath the starry night. This mystical pot sparks wonder, offering the promise of magical adventures and the enchantment of Halloween within its bubbling depths. 

Day 4: Black Cat 

Imagine a beautifully sleek black cat, its bright eyes gleaming mysteriously under the moonlight, radiating intelligence beyond its years. Is it perhaps a familiar, a creature of mystical origins? It gazes at you, appearing to smile, leaving you to wonder. 

Day 5: A Child Dressed as a Ghost 

Imagine a child dressed as a ghost, with a white sheet draped over them and mischievous eyes peeking out. They giggle with excitement, looking forward to playing with their friends while going trick-or-treating. 

Day 6: Vampire 

Envision a tall, graceful vampire with sharp fangs and an ageless presence, embodying both intelligence and strength, and symbolizing sophistication and power. 

Day 7: Zombie 

Picture a zombie, its tattered and dirty clothing along with its lumbering, unsteady movements creating an eerie presence. As it staggers forward, driven by an insatiable appetite, you’re left wondering whether it craves brains or candy. 

Day 8: Spooky Tree 

Imagine a spooky tree, its gnarled branches reaching out like twisted fingers beneath the eerie moonlight. Is it alive, or is it simply a lifeless tree? It remains a mystery, sending tingling sensations across your skin as you wonder. 

Day 9: Spider 

Picture a creepy-crawly spider, weaving intricate webs delicately in the moon’s glow, silently inviting you to appreciate its careful artistry and the mysteries of the night. 

Day 10: Full Moon night sky 

Picture a full moon casting its radiant, silver glow across the night sky, bathing the world below in a gentle, soft light. You may also feel a cool breeze on this chilly night, and perhaps catch the distant, haunting howls of wolves serenading the moon. 

Day 11: Mummy 

Picture a mummy, wrapped in ancient bandages, standing as a guardian of long-held secrets within an ancient tomb. 

Day 12: Bats in Flight 

Visualize bats in flight, their graceful wings silhouetted against the night sky as they dance to a silent melody.  

Day 13: Skeleton 

You see a skeleton, its intricate bones radiating a captivating and eerie presence. Is it a member of a skeletal army, or perhaps a solitary lost soul seeking justice? 

Day 14: Candy Corn 

Picture a child savoring a handful of Candy Corn, their beaming smile conveying pure delight. 

Day 15: Frankenstein’s Monster 

Create an illustration of Frankenstein’s monster. Was he created long ago, or perhaps just a colleague or classmate brought back to life through scientific means? 

Day 16: Werewolf 

Today, draw a werewolf according to your personal style, whether it leans towards the menacing or friendly. Do its teeth gleam with eagerness for a cherished toy ball, or are they marked by the remnants of a recent hunt? 

Day 17: Witch flying on a Broomstick 

Picture a witch gracefully ascending into the night sky on her broomstick, her journey marked by a quiet and mystical elegance. Against the moonlit backdrop, her presence carries an aura of enchantment, a solitary figure soaring among the stars. 

Day 18: Pirate Ahoy 

Imagine a pirate – do they wield a fearsome reputation, thirsty for blood, or are they a daring adventurer of the high seas, seeking buried treasure alongside a loyal bird companion?

Day 19: Children Eating Candy 

Depict the sheer joy of children as they enjoy the fruits of their trick-or-treating labor, with painted faces and dressed in their lively Halloween costumes.  

Day 20: Graveyard Scene 

Draw a graveyard scene featuring weather-worn tombstones enveloped in a mysterious fog. In this eerie setting, do the graveyard’s inhabitants include zombies or vampires, their presence adding to the atmosphere of the night? 

Day 21: Potion Bottles 

Today, craft an illustration featuring a collection of newly brewed potions. These elixirs could serve as healing draughts, magical brews, or even poisons, with some being wild and mysterious mixtures of magic. 

Day 22: Trick-or-Treaters 

Capture the delight of young trick-or-treaters as they venture out in their Halloween costumes, their hands affectionately clutching their candy bags. What creative and adorable outfits have these children chosen to wear for this festive occasion? 

Day 23: Grim Reaper 

Today, sketch the Grim Reaper, pondering whether this iconic figure embodies malevolence or silent solemnity. Is the Reaper on the hunt for victims, or is it simply a wandering soul, its purpose shrouded in mystery? 

Day 24: Scarecrow 

Sketch an illustration of a scarecrow. Is it an animated figure, radiating an eerie aura or a friendly one? Alternatively, could it be a forgetful character in pursuit of its best friend, a raven, among the fields? 

Day 25: Your Halloween Costume 

Create a sketch of your ideal Halloween costume, whether it’s inspired by reality or entirely born from your creative imagination. Add intricate details to breathe life into this costume, making it a vivid representation of your Halloween dream.  

Day 26: Jack-o’-Lanterns with Faces (variations) 

Draw an assortment of varying different jack-0-lanterns. Try scary, friendly, or funny. Try to capture the glowing beauty. 

Day 27: Candles with Dripping Wax 

Create a drawing featuring candles with melting wax. Are they essential elements of a eerie or mystical incantation, or do they simply cast light in the night? 

Day 28: Halloween Treat 

Draw your favorite Halloween treat. Is it a particular candy? Or is it freshly cooked pumpkin treats or decorated cookies in the shapes of little monsters? 

Day 29: Face Painting Fun 

Visualize a child having their face painted. Is the paint covering their entire face, or is it a delicate animal design painted on their cheek? 

Day 30: Caramel Apple 

Sketch a caramel apple, vibrant in its red hue and dripping with its sugary, gooey delight. Include the wooden stick, and consider adding a playful bite taken out of this delectable and sweet treat. 

Day 31: Combined 

Great work this month! On the last day of this month, try combining your top five topics into a single artwork or explore even more creative possibilities!


In your daily practice, you’ve not only honed your drawing skills but also unlocked a wellspring of creativity and imagination. The consistent drawing routine has led to skill growth, which you can visually track and appreciate.

As you wrap up this month of creative exploration, remember that drawing is a timeless and fulfilling pursuit. These prompts can serve as a starting point for your artistic endeavors long after October.

Continue nurturing your artistic spirit and let your imagination thrive on the canvas of your choice.

Happy drawing!