3 Tips for The Best Success on Pinterest

3 Tips for The Best Success on Pinterest



Most brands realize the importance of a robust social media strategy. However, finding success with digital marketing takes a decent level of expertise. Pinterest is a great social media site for brands, but it’s also challenging to master.

This article is here to help by providing some pointers.

1. Pin daily content to your boards

Obviously, you need to create a decent number of boards to begin with. However, once you have gone through that process, it’s crucial to pin daily to them. Remember, Pinterest is one of those platforms you can post on a lot as long as you space out your updates.

One of the beauties of this image-led platform is the use of different boards. This means that you aren’t sharing content in the same place or even to precisely the same audience. So, set a realistic schedule and aim to post 5-20 new daily updates to your boards.

2. Create pins that combine images with text

One of the best ways to engage your audience on Pinterest is to create custom graphics that include a high-quality image with some text. This is an excellent approach for promoting blog posts, for example. However, to excel with this strategy, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, ensure the text you add is short and concise because longer pieces of text are more difficult to read. Second, think carefully about the use of color between your text and image. For example, you may need to blur or modify images to ensure the text can be easily read. Also, think about what colors work well together. On the other hand, don’t overuse this strategy since you don’t want your Pinterest updates to come across as one-dimensional.

3. Focus on fresh content

If you search Pinterest, you will find plenty of content that has been on there for years. Therefore, it’s tempting to keep sharing popular old pins to drive engagement, particularly if you were the original author of that pin.

However, Pinterest is now putting efforts in place to drive fresh content more than older pins. So, your focus should be on pushing the newer content. It’s a good idea to work at creating new, fresh content to drive engagement to your page and ultimately your website. Keep in mind some of the most popular categories for content include fitness, food, fashion, tips, and quotes.


Many brands know the importance of social media. However, finding success with digital marketing takes time and expertise. Pinterest is one of the best platforms for brands to use, but it’s also one of the toughest to master. Therefore, this article has provided some general tips to help you succeed. Remember to pin daily content to your boards, create pins that combine text with images, and focus on fresh content.

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