Reasons for many boards on Pinterest

Three Reasons to Have a Lot of Boards on Pinterest

Keep reading to discover why keeping a lot of boards is important if you want to grow your brand on Pinterest.

Three Reasons to Have a Lot of Boards on Pinterest



Pinterest is a great social media site for many brands to use. However, it’s also a challenging platform to master if you don’t know what you are doing. One particular thing brands must remember is to create a lot of boards. Therefore, this article will provide some pointers on why this is important.

1. To make your profile look more interesting

When a user visits you on Pinterest, one of the first things they will see is the boards you have on your profile page. If you only have one or a few boards, that immediately creates a bad impression of how you are using the site. Some people might think you aren’t engaging organically and simply there to share your own blog posts, for example.

The other point here is you want to create an attractive visual when someone first sees your profile. Users will have a much more positive impression of you when you have many boards. Also, title images are shown with each board, which helps with that overall visual appearance.

2. Take advantage of the best content for certain days

Pinterest is an excellent platform for a variety of topics. However, brands in specific sectors will perform better than others. Nevertheless, there is an inbuilt system to share different types of content on particular days for the best performance. You can fully take advantage of this when you set up various boards.

Remember some of the most popular content includes fitness tips, recipe ideas, fashion trends, and inspirational quotes. Think about your business and how you can create boards around some of those topics. It’s worth remembering when you gain traction, you can expect invites to various group boards that offer you a chance to share your pin with thousands of followers.

3. Keeps your posts more varied

When you only have one or a few boards, you will be posting or sharing content on the same or similar topics. Mastering Pinterest is all about expanding your horizons and sharing content on a vast array of topics. So, if you follow the advice to create a dozen or so boards, your content will be much more varied.

It’s worth remembering that posting onto so many different boards can be challenging, especially since you will gravitate towards some of them more than others. Therefore, it’s good to develop a sophisticated schedule to ensure you post on each board equally. This way, your content will be genuinely varied.


Pinterest is one of the most rewarding social media platforms for brands if you can master it. There is no getting away from the fact that it takes a massive time commitment, but a job is only worth doing if you do it well.

This article has outlined why it’s crucial to have a lot of different boards. Remember, many boards make your profile look more interesting, allow you to take advantage of the best content for certain days, and keep your posts more varied.

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