Picture of Armidillo looking out from within a log

The Journey of Creating an Armadillo Artwork

Discover the intricate process behind my ink artwork, emphasizing the importance of research, preparation, and the right tools.

The Journey of Creating an Armadillo Artwork



Discover the intricate process behind my ink artwork, emphasizing the importance of research, preparation, and the right tools.

1. The Spark of Inspiration

When I first began my journey into ink artwork, especially with animal pictures, I had a simple thought: “What difference does it make?” regarding the tools I used. Little did I know how crucial the right tools would be. The inspiration for my armadillo piece came from a friend in Texas. Despite having created several animal contract pieces before, the armadillo was a creature I had never considered.

2. The Power of Research

Before diving into the artwork, I delved deep into research. From YouTube videos to Google images, I sought to understand the armadillo better. My goal was to capture its essence, reflecting its intelligence and cuteness. After sifting through countless images, I stumbled upon a beautiful moment of an armadillo curiously peeking out, which became my reference.

Armadillo walking across a sandy ground.

3. The Importance of Reference Art

Some might wonder, why not draw from imagination? For me, using reference art grounded in reality allows me to build upon my creative ideas, ensuring a blend of authenticity and artistic interpretation.

4. Preparation is Key

Choosing the right paper was essential. I opted for Strathmore’s Bristol 100 lb paper Weight, known for its ink absorption and minimal smearing. The preparation phase, though tedious, is crucial. Using a Faber-Castell “F” pencil, I meticulously outlined and detailed the artwork, spending about a third of my project time on this phase alone.

5. The Inking Process

Inking is where the magic happens. Starting with the largest brush, the Faber-Castell (199) “Big Brush” black ink, I began filling in the larger portions. Gradually, I moved to finer pens, ensuring clarity and crisp definition. It’s essential to use uniform ink and color for a polished finish.

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6. The Final Touches

With most projects, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment of completion. It’s a feeling, a sense that the artwork is expressing itself without further refinement. Looking at my finished armadillo piece, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction.

Armadillo Line Art by WillInked


Art is a journey, filled with learning, exploration, and growth. From understanding the importance of the right tools to the joy of seeing a completed piece, every step is a testament to the artist’s passion and dedication.

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